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Sustainability matters: By Nigel Baseley, Marketing Director, Perkins Engines Company Limited

Nigel Baseley, marketing director, Perkins Engines Company Limited, outlines how sustainability is a key driver for the company as it looks to its future in India.

The British environmentalist Jonathon Porritt usefully defined sustaina...

Yearender: Coal-fired political minefields dominate 2012

Coal fired a minefield of controversies in 2012, fuelled by CAG estimates of a huge Rs 1.86 lakh crore loss for allocation of coal blocks to business houses without auction which served as fodder to the Opposition parties to target the government.

Grid failures, fuel scarcity spell gloom for power biz in 2012

Fluctuating between hope of fuel supplies and despair of prolonged grid failures, it was mostly a gloomy year for the power sector in 2012, but it is looking forward to brighter days ahead under a new and young minister.

Persisting fue...

Asian buyers to deepen Iranian crude import cuts in 2013

Asian buyers of Iranian crude will deepen import cuts in 2013 and struggle to send cash to Tehran to pay for oil as tightening Western sanctions choke the flow of hard currency to Iran's coffers.

Tough sanctions from the United States ...

Coal set to surpass oil as world's top fuel within a decade

Powered by the growth in emerging market giants China and India, coal is set to surpass oil as as the world's top fuel source by around 2017, the International Energy Agency forecast today.

Coal's share of the global energy mix continu...

Lighting up with renewables

There is a scramble for energy in India, which has had a negative energy balance since the 1980s. Consider these numbers: India accounted for 3.5% of the world commercial energy demand in 2003. The Planning Commission projects that dependence on ener...

Saudi Arabia calls for 28% increase in oil rigs in kingdom

Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia has unexpectedly called on oilfield service firms to expand the kingdom's oil rig count by nearly 30 percent, according to Simmons & Co, to ensure spare production capacity remains ample as supply uncertainty grows.

S.E. Asia urged to exploit abundant clean energy

SINGAPORE (AFP) – From surging rivers to volcanic steam, Southeast Asia is blessed with abundant sources of renewable energy but governments are not doing enough to exploit them, experts and activists say.

Private firms are wil...

Algeria’s hydrocarbons sector has experienced a dramatic turnaround in fortunes over the past couple

Having built the world’s first liquefaction unit and begun liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports in 1964, Algeria quickly built up a dominant position in the European LNG market.

With Europe increasingly vocal in recent years abo...

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